Collecting and transporting your cake

On warm days please ensure your vehicle is as cool as possible so that the cake does not start to melt in transit.

The best place for your cake is in the passenger side foot well. You will likely need to push the passenger seat all the way back. Alternatively the cake can sit on the floor behind the passenger seat (with the seat pushed all the way forward) or in the boot in a position where it is unable to slide around during transit.

I can provide you with a non-slip mat to limit the movement of the cake box during transit.

Cakes should not be placed on car seats as they are too slanted and the cake can slide and/or become damaged.

On hot days avoid stopping off anywhere on your journey as the vehicle will heat up quickly and the cake may start to melt.

Always support, hold, and carry the box from the bottom and not the sides. The sides of the box are flimsy and may dent the cake if pressure is put on them.

I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the cake once it leaves my property or possession.

Storing your cake

The cake should ideally be kept in the fridge (still in its box) until it is ready to be presented/displayed. Alternatively a cool room, out of direct sunlight will suffice. On hot days, in the fridge is essential.

Cakes covered in fondant icing do not need to be stored in the fridge.

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